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Welcome to BALL’N

Rodney Jeter has always had an affinity for the game of basketball. As a visionary of BALL’N, Mr. Jeter launched the sports brand back  in Chicago, Il. While stationed in Korea, Rodney toured a shoe manufacturing plant on his down time and was so fascinated with the shoe manufacturing process he immediately knew what he wanted to do when he was done with his service in the Army. He wanted to create a footwear brand. After many years of struggling and doors being slammed in his face, his dream of launching a footwear brand was achieved back in 2011 with the help of Los Angeles Lakers Metta World Peace. Metta World Peace became the first NBA player to wear BALL’N footwear in the NBA. “We have a great technology in our shoe called D3O which delivers superior shock absorption for your foot and joints,” said Rodney.  “I am able to play harder and longer without experience any major knee and foot pain,” said Metta World Peace in an interview with Los Angeles Times.

BALL’N is an athletic lifestyle brand dedicated to everyday athletes, whether in the gym or on the playground.”  BALL’N’s target market is 12 to 35 year old males and females. BALL’N inherited its name from the streets. Its ubiquitous name defines “performing at the highest level.”  The mission of BALL’N is to connect youths with the global community through sports. Whether in the gym or on the playground, BALL’N is “the way the game is played.

Primarily, BALL’N is entering the footwear market with a “core” signature sneaker program featuring the basketball collection of four to six styles of low, mid, and high-top shoes.  All of the merchandise will be available in popular NBA team colors. BALL’N shoes uses the new d3o technology as the foundation and features a strong design aesthetic. d3o technology enhances the shoes performance and functionality giving athletes more comfort, flexibility and support in a lightweight shoe. Price points range from $50-$100.[OUR ROOTS CONTINUED]