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Rodney Jeter is an African-American Chi town native who attended Wichita State University and began his career in 1991 after serving time in the US Army.  Normally, the Army and the Apparel business don’t mesh well together, however, while Rodney was stationed in Korea, he played for the US Army Traveling Basketball Team, and he spent his down time visiting footwear and apparel manufacturing factories.  Rodney was fascinated with the process, and it was overseas, that a seed was planted, and he decided to launch a Sports Athletic brand called BALL’N

Being a product of his environment, Rodney conceived BALL’N a athletic brand that embodies the essence of athleticism and basketball culture.  With an instant audience and a buzz factor, the product, which consisted of tees and shorts, started making their way onto the basketball playgrounds.  It wasn’t long before Rodney started supplying basketball uniforms to the hard core Chicago circuit, as well as the Annual Scottie Pippen Charity Basketball Game. Players such as Michael Jordan, Penny Hardaway, Charles Barkley, and Sam Cassell have all worn BALL’N uniforms.

By the mid-nineties, BALL’N was in demand.  In a collaborative effort, Rodney teamed up with BIKE Athletic Company for distribution, and successfully commanded over $7 million in sales.  In the following years, he began working on securing a footwear partner, while simultaneously selling his products and team uniforms to independent retailers and directly to consumers.

“I’ve had some interesting alliances in my career; some helped me grow, and some have posed some significant challenges. With each experience, I’ve learned more about my business. Patience and perseverance have allowed me to prevail.”

Last year, Rodney partnered with a corporate powerhouse in the footwear industry, securing quality manufacturing and sourcing solutions.

Since it’s inception, the brand name has become a vernacular term with many definitions in the culture, but for BALL’N, the commitment is the same from day one, great products, love for the game, and Rodney’s dream to connect youth with the global community through sports.

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