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Las Vegas – BALL’N, a United States sports apparel and footwear brand has called on d3oTM technology to create amazing footwear and protective gear to aid in the development of athletes in their performance. The materials of d3oTM are unlike any other currently on the market and its attributes offer endless possibilities. It’s great because an athlete has the chance to enhance their skills as a result of the quality of these products.

In sports, being at the top of one’s game, being able to execute is key, and it’s something that BALL’N aims to do with their brand. The technology is revolutionary, developed with a lattice structure, being breathable, lightweight, and flexible. BALL’N has created advanced, performance footwear by integrating d3o’sTM superior shock absorbing material versus eva type material, as a completely different approach from traditional shoe technology. Understanding that there are a lot of considerations when creating footwear, the brand focuses on performance and comfort, paying special attention to the contour of the foot. BALL’N constructs thinner cushioning layers to achieve better levels of shock absorption. Softness introduces uncontrolled foot motions that can lead to stress and injury such as stress fractures and deep bone bruises. d3oTM will aid the shoe with firm motion control, allowing sharper cuts and less slope inside the shoe. The lower center of gravity helps to reduce ankle rollovers.

By utilizing “Smart materials,” the brand can deliver a shoe that has the highest end of shock absorption and cushioning properties. During countless tests held annually, results show high compression set resistance and correspond to the low loss of shock absorption performance. BALL’N will deliver a shoe with the highest levels of shock absorption and comfort for athletes that train, compete, whether on their feet, jumping, running, on or off the courts.

The hi-tech BALL’N “Game Time” compression gear will employ d3oTM impact protection, containing intelligent molecules that flow freely when one moves slowly, but on shock, the molecules lock together to protect you, by acting somewhat like a net that absorbs and spreads the force. It works with your body to spread and absorb effectively protecting, whether it is landing on the tailbone,
hip, leg, stomach or elbows. The moisture wicking, mesh material, ergonomic breathable padding, and comfort of the brand’s compression shorts and tops are sure to be a leader in today’s marketplace.

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